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Tarjama unites AI and human talent to deliver quality content for your business at phenomenal speed and cost.

Our Smart Language Solutions 🚀

Language Services

From localization to transcreation, our linguists are aided with AI to train, test, and transform content in over 55 languages.

Transcription and Subtitling

We rely on human creativity that is assisted with AI technologies such as ASR and MT to deliver fast and accurate subtitles in as many languages as you need.

Content Creation

Our copywriters specialize in over 200 industries. Create content for your brand that is consistent, relevant, and unique.

Strategic Advisory

Work with experts who bring in years of experience in all industries and disciplines to capture opportunities and drive real business impact.

Empowering Industries with AI

Bringing you the world’s top industry-specific experts and making them more efficient than ever with technology.


Our translators leverage Tarjama’s Translation Management System powered with technologies such as translation memory to ensure your multilingual content is consistent and cost-efficient.Book a Demo Now


We combine the speed and capability of machine translation with the authenticity and accuracy of native speakers. After your content goes through our industry-custom MT engines, a native reviews and enriches every translation. Book a Demo Now


We unlock your scanned data and images at remarkable speed using our Optical Character Recognition solution. Trained on a wealth of images and fonts, it converts your printed text it to a machine-readable format.


T-Portal provides you with an online content servicing software that serves as your go-to platform for all your content and language service needs.Book a Demo Now

Tech is part of our DNA

Our use of state-of-the-art technology continually advances our capabilities and ability to maintain customer satisfaction, and it has been our guiding principle since our inception.

We bring people, technology, and content together. Our core approach is to enhance our production processes with robust technologies and talented people to deliver faster, better, and more affordable results.

Bridging the gap between language and technology

We are committed to reshaping the future of the language industry. Our focus is to enhance the capabilities of our people, clients and partners through technology. Constantly improving our machine learning algorithms, we enable smarter, faster business workflows and results.

Try Our Machine Translation Solution Now!

Industry custom Machine Translation engines! Covers specific domains 1. Government 2. Finance 3. Legal & not conversational.

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Powering world-leading brands 🤝

We have been partnering with local, regional, and global clients for over a decade, and we pride ourselves in navigating and solving their biggest challenges.

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«Arabic is at the heart of everything we do. Tarjama not only shares our passion for languages but also our dedication to crafting quality content that both reflects and reaches our clients in the Middle East and beyond.»


«The booming entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Middle East inspired my book, Startup Rising, and I always hoped an Arabic translation could be accessible to the region. Tarjama made it happen. It’s a great language service provider and a great example for aspiring startups.»

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