5 Things Clients Look for in Translations

Working in the industry can be tough. Lots of competition, hours upon hours conversing over e-mails on translation requirement and deadlines. But when you get there and stay there it can be extremely rewarding. Trust us, we know. So here’s what it takes to become a preferred choice.
1. Accreditation

You are much better off if you possess the qualifications, whether a relevant degree from respected university or minimum criteria set up by authority bodies such as the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

2. Deadlines
Needless to say deadlines are of paramount importance. Know your deadline and stick to them as much as possible. When this is not feasible, make sure to communicate the same as soon as possible. Be responsive; if further communication or meeting is required make sure to be available to meet those deadlines.

3. Good Communication
This is essential in any industry, so keeping the client informed and up to date. Great communication is key to any translation project and to tackle any progress and any challenges that occur. This will help frame you as both dependable and transparent.

4. Speed matters

Turn around for translation usually needs to be quick. Agencies are usually juggling a high-volume of projects, so a job well done for the client is a job well done for the agency.

5. Honesty
Knowing your capabilities whether it is a matter of turn-around time or specialization, will form trust between agency and client. More important than this, is to keep it honest when it comes to mistakes. Do not be afraid to own up to any mistakes and identify them early.