How Will Multilanguage Merge Into Metaverse?

A world beyond the real world in which we move as avatars? Where we meet up with our loved ones, enjoy concerts together, pursue hobbies, work, shop? We are looking forward to such a “metaverse”.  From texts to videos: The way we communicate is constantly changing, with no end in sight. The next platform will […]

5 Signs Your Business is Ready For Global Growth

You have the spirit of entrepreneurship and an innovative idea for establishing a business. This business will go through phases as you grow and produce better products or services. Naturally, you focus on the local market first because getting a big share there is easier. You already know your demographics, buyer personas, economics, and more.  […]

What is a Translation Management System and Do I Need One

The pace of content production in the world has increased more than ever, and it is expected to grow even more with developing technologies. The content produced appears in many different text formats. The age of the internet and technology has brought with it a massive amount of content that’s increasing day by day.  Today’s […]

The Definitive Guide to Mobile App Localization

 Are you currently searching for ways to make your brand more familiarized and recognized by your target and potential leads? Then, creating a mobile app might be the solution for you. However, you need to first consider localization to build the perfect mobile app. Because localization enables you to achieve your business goals faster and […]

Arabic Dialects: Different Types of Arabic Language

With its over 420 million native speakers globally, Arabic is one of the most spoken languages worldwide, and 28 nations use Arabic as their official language. Being among the commonly used languages in literature, trade and business allow Arabic to naturally have a significant number of speakers around the world eventually.   This eventually leads the […]

15 Localization Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Business

Editing content for different regions and customers, considering the region’s cultural differences and cultural norms in question, is called localization. Every localization practice related to media localization includes updating software and adding new website content. For this reason, it is essential to know the structure and characteristics of the language and region to be localized […]

How to Develop Cultural Intelligence in a Business

The topic of cultural diversity hasn’t only appeared in recent decades. Research has shown that cultural diversity and intermingling of societies has been around since prehistoric man. Scientists were able to track down the origins of this concept through archeological remains that point to the existence of ethnic and cultural groups within a society in prehistory.   How were the […]

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Aykut Aslantas, Marketing Director of Tarjama shares his foresights about 2021 in such a challenging digital world and gives us essential, applicable advice on how to succeed in the new world order after the global pandemic conditions At the beginning of every year, there is always great attention to digital marketing trends and marketing innovations. […]