Frequently Asked Questions

What is T-Portal?

T-Portal is an online content servicing software for businesses looking to optimize their content delivery process. T-Portal serves as your go-to platform for all your content and language service needs. Creating multilingual content with quality, speed, and security can be a challenge for businesses. We free your business from these stressors with a simple, automated solution. All you have to do is upload your request through the cloud-based platform and our industry-expert linguists will work on it as they’re aided with our cutting-edge language technologies to deliver smarter content that saves you time and money while granting you enterprise-grade security.

How much does T-Portal cost?

T-Portal offers flexible plans which are based on your monthly translation and content needs. We offer plans that allow you to scale up and down as your needs change. Get in touch with our product experts who will help you build the plan that is right for your team.

How does T-Portal work?

T-Portal works in 3 simple steps.

  1. Upload your content request
  2. Manage progress and feedback with top industry-specific linguists. At this stage, our team is assisted with our advanced language AI to deliver your content with unmatched efficiency and quality.
  3. Download your content securely for publishing

What features does T-Portal offer?

Combining the world’s top talent and our cutting-edge technology, we offer a smarter way to deliver content. With T-Portal, you get:

  • One-click access to content requests
  • Automatic Wordcount with easy upload/download
  • Progress dashboards for monitoring & analysis
  • Online and secure payment methods
  • Industry-specific language professionals
  • Tech-enabled delivery that optimizes cost and speed
  • Quick-chat that connects you with linguists
  • Flexible subscription packages and transparent pricing
  • Support for all types of content requests and formats

What types of content can I request through T-Portal?

T-Portal allows you to place requests for your end-to-end range of content needs.

  • Language Services: Translation, MTPE (Machine Translation + Post Editing), Localization, Transcreation, Editing, Proofreading, Interpretation
  • Audio & Media: Subtitling, Transcription, Hard coding
  • Content Services: Copywriting, Scriptwriting, SEO Writing, Technical Writing, Blog Writing, Social Media Content Writing

Does T-Portal offer any enterprise services?

Yes, we do, our T-Portal Enterprise solutions is geared for enterprise teams. Ask your Account manager for more details about our flexible and scalable solutions.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

Our Customers centric team can help you find the best solution for you based on your needs, size and sector. Contact us for more details.

When will I be charged for my subscription?

Your subscription is paid in advance on an annual or monthly basis. 

Can I switch between plans after I purchase?

Absolutely, you can speak to your Account Manager who can advise you on the best plan for you.

Can multiple people share a subscription?

Our subscription is per organization. If you sign up, all your colleagues and staff can receive access to the portal.

What if the available plans don’t address the number of documents I feel I need to translate this month?

Our customer team will be able to help you select the most suitable plan for you, whether it is a larger enterprise plan or one of our SME plans.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can contact your account manager for all subscription related matters.

How can I try T-Portal before subscribing?

We offer a demo session on our website where you can try one of our services and decide which technology and service you want to opt for. Book a demo now and one of our product experts will give you a personal demo.

How do I place my first order?

You can place your first request by simply going to the T-Portal platform. You’ll need to provide us with a few details regarding your target language, delivery timeline, and

Can I ask for specific delivery date for my order?

We have certain rates for normal and rushed deliveries. Whichever plan you want to activate, you charged will be added in case of the rushed deliveries.

How do I know that my order has been submitted and in progress?

You will receive an automated email confirming your order submission. Once your file is ready, you will also be notified through email.

Where can I find my translated documents?

They will be on the platform, whereby you can safely and securely download them.

Will I receive an e-mail notification alerting me of deliveries?

Yes, you can also switch off email notification settings if you prefer.

Where can I see when my translated documents will be delivered back to me?

T-Portal gives you access to a live dashboard whereby you can track your projects in real-time, see which stage the project is and your delivery date.

What do I do if I need help or need to talk to someone?

We have a contact help desk on our website. You can call us, e-mail us or chat with one of our representatives regarding any doubt or clarification.

Which language pairs does T-Portal support?

Which file formats can I translate?

We accept all major file formats. For more, please visit Tarjama help center.

Are there any file size limitations?

There are no size limitations to your files, you can speak to our team if you have questions or specific file size requirements.

Can I only translate documents or can I also type to translate text?

Yes, you can do both, either upload a file or type text to translate. The options are available on our Tportal dashboard.

Can I access T-Portal from a mobile device?

Yes, you can access T-Portal from laptop, PC and mobile phones.

What internet browsers are supported?

Tarjama is supported on all major browsers (Chrome, IE, FF, Safari)

What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept Visa, Master Card, Amex, and PayPal. For more payment options, please contact our sales team.

I have a question about my invoice, who can I contact?

Any doubts or questions can be asked in our contact desk to our representative or you can also e-mail us.

Is my translation data, personal data and payment data secure?

Your documents and data are completely secure and confidential with us. Tarjama is ISO 27001 Certified for Information Security.