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Over a decade of experience in providing customer-centric, tech-powered translation and content creation services.

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Strategic Advisory

Instead of relying on traditional transactional relationships, we foster sustainable partnerships that drive real value for our clients. Our advisory services are designed to empower companies by building internal capabilities and scale.


Staffing & Capacity Building

We employ more than a decade of experience to match our clients with qualified employees and talents to maximize value and minimize sourcing and hiring efforts.


Advisory & Consulting

Our team includes strategy experts from all industries and disciplines who are ready to advise clients on how to drive impact and unleash untapped potential.


Leading-Edge Insights Generation

We utilize state-of-the-art tools and methods to collect, curate, and analyze data in order to provide our clients with accurate benchmarking and prediction services.


Training & Development

Our experts utilized training they’ve accumulated over the years through specialized training courses delivered to enterprise employees to design training programs that are fit for purpose with your organizational needs.

Language Services

Tarjama provides a full range of linguistic solutions that enable clients to better communicate with stakeholders through informative, accurate and meaningful content.

<p>Translation and<br />

Translation and

Tarjama offers translation services catered to specific industries using specialized terminology and subject matter expertise in areas such as government, financial services, medical and pharmaceutical, marketing, communications, manufacturing, TMT, and more. We also offer different formats of interpretation that enable real-time cross-linguistic communication either face-to-face, in a conference setting, or over the phone.

<p>Localization<br />


We help clients seamlessly integrate material into the local MENA region cultural and linguistic landscape using our knowledge of the region’s linguistic subtleties and translation memory tools that ensure consistent quality.

<p>Transcreation<br />


We combine translation with content creation to adapt the original text into a new language whilst abiding by local cultural standards and ensuring that the final text retains its original message and sentiment.

<p>Editing and<br />

Editing and

Our content professionals utilize advanced editing tools to deliver flawless and optimized content that meets the technical requirements of any media platform, such as websites, articles, books, social media, and more. The Tarjama editing team is skilled in enhancing content in multiple industries and across different dialects and languages for more impactful targeting.

<p>Creative<br />


Tarjama provides creative copywriting services to clients who wish to communicate their brand messages in an original, high-impact way on any platform, including social media, website content, and marketing materials.

<p>Transcription and<br />

Transcription and

Our dialect experts convert audio content to text across a range of dialects and languages for all types of audiovisual media, including TV shows, films, documentaries, and interviews. We abide by the technical and visual requirements of different file formats to optimize the experience for the target audience.

Content Creation

Tarjama provides content creation services in a variety of format and styles. Our experts collaborate with clients to create a product tailored to their specific needs.

<p>Articles and Blog Posts</p>

Articles and Blog Posts

Our subject matter experts write attractive articles and blog posts on topics related to clients’ industries and specializations.

<p>Creative<br />


Our experts help develop creative strategies that outline the content used in advertising campaigns for maximum impact.

<p>Press<br />


We work to design and deliver effective, break-through communication and customer communication for our clients.

<p>Thought<br />


For businesses looking to become leaders in their industry, Tarjama offers specialized services for marketing content that position our clients as an authority in the field.

Al Services

Data Creation

Data Typing

Automated OCR tools still have a high margin of error, which is why our experts run data through an extensive review process to ensure that the output is accurate and precise.

Chatbot Training Data

Our chatbot training data services are catered to customer-centric companies seeking to enhance chatbots with intent detection and tone analysis to guarantee accurate output.

Content Summarization

We shorten and summarize lengthy content to appeal to the target audience while communicating key messages.

Data Annotation

Sentiment Analysis

We measure the positivity, negativity, or neutrality of text to offer clients annotated data that helps produce useful insights into customer behavior.


We label all types of data to ensure seamless compatibility with machine learning, including text, audio, and images, in addition to audio transcription services.

Data Evaluation

Ad Evaluation

We evaluate the relevance and localization techniques of ads to identify possible bottlenecks or irrelevant data.

Search Evaluation

Our team is skilled in optimizing and evaluating search engine results and elements to generate more leads and drive online traffic.

Content Moderation

We moderate inbound content and provide sentiment analysis of what audiences are saying about brands and their perception of the brand.

Machine Translation Quality Evaluation

Our experts carry out additional evaluations on texts translated by machine to guarantee error-free, accurate translations.

Our Programs

Being a tech-powered company is at the core of our identity, which is why we continually employ state-of-the-art linguistic programs and solutions that help us serve our clients more effectively and efficiently.

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CleverSo is our proprietary Translation Management System which enables our translators to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. The platform seamlessly serves each element of the translation process, from project initiation to delivery. Powered with cutting-edge technologies including translation memory, machine translation, and term base, CleverSo works to save our clients money, time, and resources.

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Tarjama Machine Translation is our enterprise-level solution designed to help translate high volumes of content securely, quickly, and efficiently. Our engine is trained on industry-approved segments, meaning that translations incorporate the writing style and jargon of your specific industry. Our translators use Tarjama MT to work with speed, always having the final say on every single word so that top quality is guaranteed.

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Tarjama Optical Character Recognition reduces the time and cost you spend on manual image-to-text conversion. Our OCR solution enables our linguists to reduce data capture time by up to 75%. Within seconds, it converts your image or PDF files into open text that is editable and searchable. Additionally, our developers can train our OCR engine on any new images and fonts.

Powering world-leading brands 🤝

We have been partnering with local, regional, and global clients for over a decade, and we pride ourselves in navigating and solving their biggest challenges.

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«Arabic is at the heart of everything we do. Tarjama not only shares our passion for languages but also our dedication to crafting quality content that both reflects and reaches our clients in the Middle East and beyond.»


«The booming entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Middle East inspired my book, Startup Rising, and I always hoped an Arabic translation could be accessible to the region. Tarjama made it happen. It’s a great language service provider and a great example for aspiring startups.»

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