Accelerate your business translation with our neural machine translation technology

Our cutting-edge neural MT is built on the latest deep learning models to allow you translate easily, accurately, and securely.

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Why Use Machine Translation?

Scale your business with secure and cost-effective translation.

Translate more

NMT makes it easy for you to translate bulks of content in a matter of seconds without worrying about it being too costly.

Save money

Save money on your translation projects by leveraging automation & advanced NMT models.

Improve quality

Leave the heavy-lifting to MT and let your translators focus only on creative review any small details they may have missed otherwise.

Scale with speed

Integrating MT into your translation cycle is essential if you’re looking to capture a global audience and enter new markets.

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Our advanced NMT model focuses on business language translation (not conversational) across a variety of verticals & industries.
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What's Unique about Tarjama NMT?

Get speed, security and accuracy in one cutting-edge translation solution.

Built for business language

The quality of an MT engine relies on the quality of data fed into the machine. Tarjama NMT is built using high-quality business data pre-approved by human linguists, resulting in accurate business-centric translations.

Maximized data security

When using Tarjama NMT, your data is protected with the highest security measures in a completely secured cloud environment. We follow the standards of ISO 27001 and guarantee your data is never used or shared with 3rd parties.

Integrates with ease

Tarjama MT supports integration with all the CAT tools you need. Additionally, it protects your data in a secured cloud environment with data and product encryption.

Tailored to your data

Request a tailored MT model that’s custom-trained using your own data in the languages you need – resulting in even higher accuracy!

Integrates with our state-of-the-art translation management system: CleverSo


Get more out of our NMT by using it with our proprietary TMS built with translation memory, terminology management, and localization workflows – all geared to help you translate at higher consistency, quality, and cost-efficiency! Learn More

Solutions Tailored to your Translation Needs

Whether you’re a startup, global enterprise or anything in between, we’ll help you set a plan that is right for your team! 

Raw Machine Translation 

Get instant translations for content that is less critical or visible. No human involvement.
  • Instant
  • Most cost-effective

Machine Translation Post Editing 

Get fast translations with both the speed of MT and the accuracy of human translators.
  • Fast
  • High quality
  • Cost-effective

Tailored Machine Translation

Get best-in-class machine translation that’s tailored on your own data.
  • Fast
  • Scalable
  • Less effort & time on post-editing 
  • Accurate
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A Cutting-Edge Solution that Meets Enterprise-Grade Security Standards 

About the Makers

Tarjama MT is a proprietary language technology built by Tarjama, a leading provider of smart language solutions that helps companies grow globally using the power of language and AI.

Our Vision    

Bringing the world closer together
  • Human talent powered by AI 
  • We are committed to reshaping the language industry with our tech-assisted human delivery.

Our Mission      

Empowering rapid growth 
  • Global communication that resonates 
  • Our mission is to enable businesses to scale rapidly by interacting seamlessly with their global consumers.

Our Technology

Enabling smart workflows 
  • Tech-powered efficiency 
  • We use the latest advances in AI and machine learning to deliver reliable solutions that transform business process.

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