Tarjama Publishes Whitepaper on Machine Translation to Support Globalizing Companies

Tarjama Publishes Whitepaper on Machine Translation to Support Globalizing Companies

Whitepaper on Machine Translation

Dubai, UAE – 2nd February 2020 – Tarjama, leading provider of smart language solutions, now offers a free whitepaper that examines Machine Translation (MT) technology and how it can be used to support modern-day businesses with their increasing content needs.

With an ever-growing demand for content across every customer interaction, global companies are now realizing the limitations of a human translator—the overwhelming workload is neither sustainable nor attainable. Securely hosted and custom-built machine translation engines can help reduce the cost and turnaround time of translations, while maintaining quality and consistency across languages.

However, MT is not here to replace human translations, but instead serves a more important and integral role than just a mere replacement: it’s improving the quality of translations, content marketing agility, and productivity among translators.

It its new whitepaper, Tarjama features the exceptional know-how of leading experts in language Aritficial Intelligence (AI), including Tarjama Chief Technology Officer and Machine Learning engineers who have a wealth of practice in developing and evaluating MT technology.

The whitepaper draws attention to the opportunities of neural machine translation, the factors that must be considered when selecting and integrating MT into a business workflow, and how Tarjama’s advanced MT models are built, evaluated, and improved to the highest industry standards. Topics discussed in the whitepaper also include:

To find out more, download the whitepaper below:

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About Tarjama: Tarjama is a smart language solutions company helping businesses grow their global presence with seamless, enterprise-grade content. Tarjama’s unique combination of language services and technologies helps companies overcome their content challenges of volume, speed, quality and security. Its pabilities cover a full suite of AI-enabled language solutions – from translation and localization to content creation, subtitling and content advisory – powered by world-leading human linguists. With a mission to break language barriers and meet demands for better translation services in the MENA region, Tarjama continues to excel in the translation and localization field with its commitment to quality, speed and extraordinary linguistic value.

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