Certified Translation Services

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Certified Translation Services:
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In a highly digital and globalized world, your growth opportunities are endless. At Tarjama, we deliver the highest standards of professional translation services to support you on your journey towards globalization. Our strength lies in our rigorously tested language experts along with our multi-layer quality assurance process that ensure optimal accuracy and consistency. Our operations team is available 24/7 to accommodate to all your translation requests and expected delivery timelines. Our translation services have been designed to help your business shoot past language and culture barriers.

Localization that resonates with each culture

With our professional translation services, your content will thrive with unique and tailored local experiences. Whether you need legal translation services, financial translation services, technical translation services, or translation services across any other field – be it medical, environmental, academic, scientific, culinary, athletic, or artistic, we at Tarjama are here to help.

We offer translation services across more than 200 industries in over 55 languages. We take pride in our global presence, giving us the advantage of adopting effective localization in all our material.

Certified Translation Services
Certified Translation Services

Cutting-edge translation management technologies

Our translation services are human-based rather than machine translated. We rely on creative, precise human translation that is aided by state-of-the-art tools that ensure client-specific consistency and harmony across all materials and languages. We utilize the latest technologies for document management, multilingual glossary archiving, workflow and project management, translation memory systems, and computer-assisted translation tools.

Our translation management technology streamlines workflows, reduces manual work, and memorizes translated terms on the client level. By simplifying the whole translation process, we deliver accurate, consistent, efficient translation services.

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Certified translation services of the highest standard

We take information security very seriously. We understand that quality and security must go hand in hand with exceptional translation services. That is why we have been assessed and certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013. We are committed to following the highest information security standards worldwide.

A rigorous selection process that brings together top talents

Our translation services team is amongst the top from across the region. Every translator in our team goes through rigorous testing that showcases the following:

Certified Translation Services
Certified Translation Services

Multi-layer quality assurance

Every single translation service request goes through a detailed process of quality assurance to guarantee the highest level of client satisfaction. Our multi-layer quality check ensures the content delivered is at nothing less than the highest level of standard. Our Quality Assurance (QA) Department uses advanced QA tools to make sure that translations are free from technical errors and inaccuracies. The QA team ensures that all documents are free of:

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Certified Translation Services

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