What exactly is transcreation?

Translation, transcreation, copywriting, copyediting… Linguistic solutions are evolving day by day to achieve the highest level of impact in consideration of content localization.

You’ve probably been frequently hearing the phrase “Content Is King”, in recent times. Though, as a professional expert working in the linguistic solutions industry, I can confidently say that “Relevant and Properly Localized Content Is the Real King”.

One of the biggest advantages we have, as specialists in the field of content generation and language manipulation, is the gifted ability to collaborate with almost every business type; from marketing agencies, to consultancy firms, passing through medical institutes, thus enabling us to understand the exact value of generating proper content that is culturally appropriate and relevant to the target reader. This is where “Transcreation” comes into play.

Background and Definition:
Transcreation is the process of recreating specific brand content for a target language with a view to effectively preserve its creative and emotional intent, while making it resonate in other languages and cultures.

In some cases, you need more than to simply translate content in order to fully capture the essence thereof. This is mostly important for texts of a creative nature, and commonly relevant for marketing in general, and global marketing campaigns in specific to effectively serve multiple specific markets.

Transcreation constitutes, therefore, a remarkable blend of translation and copywriting that is usually intermingled and performed by linguists possessing marketing and local markets experience.

When Is Transcreation Most Important?

It has been recently made clear that the one-size-fits-all mentality has been replaced with more target-specific marketing approaches. As mentioned earlier, transcreation is mostly utilized by marketers who give significant amount of focus on the impact generated from their key-campaign messages.

However, as industry professionals, we can say that investment in proper localization and in this case, transcreation, is worthwhile for almost every industry, especially when it comes to multi-country or regional campaigns, content marketing, taglines and messaging, as well as content containing humor or reflecting cultural references.

At a time where the world has become a global village, the value of the messages that any business is generating is far too valuable to be taken lightly.

Other Synonyms and Similar Services:
Creative Translation
Cross-Market Copywriting
International Copy Adaptation
Marketing Translation

The Five Main Differences between Transcreation and Translation:

1. Transcreation experts are writers:

Experts providing transcreation services are mostly writers and copywriters who have the required potential to generate new content and messages from scratch.

2. Transcreation springs from a creative summary:

Transcreation originates from a creative summary and a wealth of rich ideas to be elaborated in further detail in place of a source text to be translated and simply reflected in another language.

3. Transcreation results in new content generation:
A new content and different message is generated every time a transcreation expert tries to target a new segment of audiences and leave an incomparable impact on them. When translators try to convey the same message in different languages, transcreation experts exert every effort to come up with a new content that suits their target community.

4. Transcreation involves creative, marketing-focused content:
When the aim is focused on triggering the promotional side of a certain service that is intended to be provided, transcreation can be the best fit.

5. Transcreation targets the look and feel:
Transcreation aims at ensuring the perfect look and feel of a creative content with a view to attract the local market and targeted society segments, as well as resonate in different cultures.

Having described how transcreation works, and where it is mostly relevant to use, next time you think you need a creative linguistic solution for your content, make sure “transcreation” is on your list.