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Celebrating Women in Tech ​ for International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day 2021, the women of Tarjama were asked about their experiences working at Tarjama. As women make up a smaller portion of the overall tech sector worldwide, it’s inspirational to hear Tarjama’s amazing women talents share their experiences working at a tech-powered service provider. Responses were thought-provoking, engaging and truly heart-felt! ​

What would your message be to empower working women all around the world? ​

“Women all around the world talk about wanting equality, especially in the workplace. We see different social groups, activists and movements taking place all over social media. I think that’s all work for a purpose, but what better way to work for that purpose, than to be actually WORKING in a manner that is focused on proving the ability, the devotion, determination and even passion? I believe that us working women are the front line of fighting stereotypes and defining strength.” – Olga Hijazeen, Software Engineer​

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“I believe women should empower each other, each from her own place. We are all truly much stronger than what some in our society think. My message to them is to always do their best, seek better opportunities and never feel underestimated by anyone. You should be sure that you are extraordinary, and the world needs you and your efforts.” – Nouran, QA Engineer​

“My message would be to believe in themselves and do what they’re passionate about. It is vital to love what you do, so pick something that makes you come back every morning with a smile on your face and a belief in your heart that you matter and are contributing to the world and setting an example to other women. Nothing beats the feeling that your life is filled with limitless opportunities to grow, prosper and do what you love!” – Eman, Senior Translator & Editor​

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“I would say to working women around the world: no matter how difficult life has been, never stop learning; always seek to work in an environment that enables you to have a balance between your personal aspirations, your passion, and your work ambition.” – Raja’a, Head of QA​