Tarjama Appoints Rebecca Jonson as Head of AI Products

Tarjama Appoints Rebecca Jonson as Head of AI Products

Rebecca Jonson will oversee Tarjama’s AI products and teams and will play a crucial role in the growth and development strategy of Tarjama’s NLP applications. 


DUBAI, UAE – 11 April 2021 – Tarjama, a leading provider of smart language solutions, today announced the appointment of Rebecca Jonson as Head of AI Products, effective 10th of April 2021. Rebecca comes to Tarjama with 20 years of commercial and academic experience in natural language processing (NLP) technology and AI. She joins the company amid the expansion to further drive Tarjama’s technology vision and strategy. 


Before joining Tarjama, Rebecca was part of the Technology Department for 10 years at Artificial Solutions, a global company specializing in Conversational AI, most recently as Head of Research. Rebecca was part of taking forward the company’s next generation platform, from early research ideas to a full-fledged Conversational AI platform as well as Text Mining product. She led teams and initiatives to integrate modern NLP technologies, extend the platform’s language coverage (from 5 to 35 languages) and drive deeper incorporation of machine learning and deep learning to the company’s products. 


“I’m thrilled to join Tarjama to lead its talented AI team in these game-changing times for the language technology industry,” said Rebecca. “Our mission is to create innovative, top-notch AI products that will help customers break language barriers faster and get more value out of their language data.”  


At Tarjama, Rebecca will drive the company’s AI roadmap, integration of new features, and manage ideas and insights into innovative AI-powered business models. Using her expertise in NLP technologies and applications, she will lead the existing AI team to deliver smarter solutions for Tarjama’s global customers.  


“As Tarjama pursues global expansion in the world’s leading language AI technology markets, we’re excited to welcome Rebecca to the team and take part in our mission to create innovative technology,” said Nour Al Hassan, CEO of Tarjama. “Rebecca will play a central and critical role in our AI products and we’re very excited to seeing the value and insight she’ll bring to the company.” 


Rebecca holds a Ph.D. degree in Linguistics (Language Technology) from the University of Gothenburg, where she gave lectures in Speech Technology and Computational Linguistics, participated in several EU-funded research projects in the area of Spoken Dialogue Systems resulting in a dissertation called ‘Information State-Based Speech Recognition’. 



About Tarjama: Tarjama is a smart language solutions company helping businesses grow their global presence with enterprise-grade multilingual content. Tarjama enables its customers to optimize the quality of their multilingual content while reducing costs and time-to-market through its patented AI language technology. The company offers a full range of language solutions that support the global growth of companies of all sizes – including translation, localization, transcreation, copywriting, subtitling, transcription, and much more. Tarjama also provides a range of innovative cutting-edge language technologies such as a translation management system, machine translation, optical character recognition, and auto-subtitling platform.  | @Tarjama |  

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