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A secured, AI-powered platform delivering premium content for your business at remarkable efficiency and cost  

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Unlock the smarter way to deliver content

T-Portal’s self-service platform combines award-winning linguistic AI and Neural Machine Translation with world-leading linguists to bring you  faster, cheaper, and better content.


Deliver content 2x faster

Leveraging the speed of language AI, 
T-Portal makes your content cycle 2x more efficient – from briefing to content production, review and delivery. 


Cut costs by 30% and more

Pay less over time for higher-quality content. T-Portal ensures cost efficiency at every stage – saving our customers 30% of costs and more.


Guarantee reliable quality

Top linguists in over 55 languages and across 200 industries work to deliver content that is accurate, on-point and consistent - every time.


Streamline your content cycle

Easily create, manage and track your content requests and invite other teams across your business to access the central platform. 

2 Billion+

Words Processed

3-layer Quality Assurance

ISO Certified 

Industry-specific Expertise 

55+ Languages 

T-Portal enables you to tackle the most critical content challenges around speed, security, volume and quality.

Transform the way you deliver content with features including:

Empower your team with smart features

  • One-click access to content requests
  • Automatic wordcount with easy upload/download 
  • Progress dashboards for monitoring and analysis  
  • Online and secure payment methods
  • Industry-specific language professionals 
  • Tech-enabled delivery that optimizes cost and speed 
  • Quick-chat that connects you with linguists 
  • Flexible subscription packages and transparent pricing
  • Support for all types of content requests and formats  

With over a decade of expertise in both language and technology, Tarjama houses a full suite of smart language solutions designed to solve business content challenges around volume, speed, security and quality. 

About Tarjama

We are committed to reshaping the language industry with our tech-assisted human delivery.

Human talent powered by AI 

Bringing the world closer together 

Our Vision      

Our mission is to enable businesses to scale rapidly by interacting seamlessly with their global consumers.

Global communication that resonates 

Empowering rapid growth 

Our Mission      

We use the latest advances in AI and machine learning to deliver reliable solutions that transform business process.

Tech-powered efficiency 

Enabling smart workflows 

Our Technology      

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A hassle-free platform for your content and localization needs 

T-Portal is your central platform for direct access to a full range of language solutions including translation, localization, subtitling, transcription, copywriting, transcreation and more!


All-in-one language platform

Get all your language needs delivered with high and consistent quality, regardless of the type, language or format of your content. 


Award-winning AI technology

Access Tarjama’s award-winning language technology including Machine Translation, Translation Management System, Auto-Subtitling and more. 


Secured to enterprise standards

Protect your content in a highly-secured, dedicated environment. No more risk of data breaches or documents circulating via email. 


Transparent and flexible pricing

Choose from a flexible range of subscription plans based on your team’s monthly content needs, allowing you to scale on demand. 

Languages Supported 



Time Savings

Cost Savings